The General Bureau of Udayana University held a Workshop on Guidelines for the Depreciation of Archives

In the framework of fostering archivists, especially archivists from equalizing the positions of Head of Division and Head of Subdivision, the General Bureau held a "Workshop on Guidelines for Depreciation of Archives", Wednesday (17/03/2021) at the Nation Room, Rectorate Building, Bukit Jimbaran Campus.

This workshop was attended by Associate Expert Archivist, Young Expert Archivist, and First Expert Archivist at Udayana University, totaling 34 out of a total of 51 archivists at Udayana University. The event was opened by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, represented by the Coordinator of Administration, RT, and HTL as coordinator of Udayana University Archivist I Wayan Gayun Widharma, SE., M.Si.

Wayan Gayun hopes that this workshop can provide additional information for archivists at Udayana University about what to do in their functional positions such as managing dynamic archives, static archives, and fostering archives in each work unit. The current condition, apart from continuing to work on additional duties as Coordinator or Sub-Coordinator for Archivists, is also required to meet the required credit score every year. So it is hoped that similar activities will continue as an effort to foster human resources for archiving and as an implementation of the activity points listed in the Employee Performance Targets (SKP), so that the archivists of the equalization of positions this year can fulfill their functional SKP in accordance with applicable regulations.