Maximizing Covid-19 Services, Chancellor Inaugurates the Operation of Unud Hospital 6th Building

The Chancellor of Udayana University inaugurated the online operation of Building 6 of the Udayana University Hospital, Wednesday (27/1/2021). This two-story building was built for special services for Covid-19 patients which had previously been carried out in Building 3 of the Unud Hospital. The arrangement of facilities and infrastructure in Building 6 has also been adjusted to the special standards for isolation rooms.

Unud Chancellor Prof. AA Raka Sudewi said that since being appointed as a Special Isolation Hospital for Covid-19 Patients by the Governor of Bali, the Unud Hospital has made infrastructure improvements and development of supporting infrastructure, one of which is Building 6. This building has treatment room facilities, changing rooms for personal protective equipment ( PPE), as well as 36 beds with negative pressure room. Isolation room with negative pressure is used to prevent airborne transmission of the virus. In addition, Building 6 has also been equipped with a special lane for Covid-19 patients and medical personnel on duty, so that it is separated from non-Covid patients.

The repair work on the facilities and infrastructure of Building 6 was carried out for two months from November and December 2020, and has been regularly reviewed. The Chancellor gave his appreciation to all those who have contributed to the completion and inauguration of the renovation of Building 6. With the operation of this building, it is hoped that it can provide maximum service for Covid-19 patients.

Director of Prof. Unud Hospital. Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra, Sp.S (K) said that currently 18 beds are operated in Building 6. Next week operated 18 more beds. Currently, the total number of patients is filled with 92 beds. If total there are 105 beds, but there are still 30 beds whose room will be serviced due to minor damage. There are 5 more spare beds, so that the Unud Hospital can accommodate 140 patients.

Since its establishment as a special hospital for Covid-1 patients in April 2020, Unud Hospital has treated 13,000 Covid-19 patients with a 92-94 percent cure rate and 2 percent mortality. For the swab test samples that have been carried out in the IGD building, there are as many as 25,000 tests. In order to maximize service, Unud Hospital has also opened a rapid antigen test service. Registration for rapid antigen services can be done online via the page.