SiISYANA Innovative Solution for BMN Management in Udayana University

Jimbaran - Udayana University launched Udayana Inventory Information System (SiISYANA) at Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Wednesday (03/04/2020). The launching event was attended by Vice Chancellors, SPI Chairperson, Heads of Bureau, Deans, Postgraduate Directors, Institutional Chairpersons, BPU Directors, USDI Chairman and Teams and Representatives from Unud Hospital. SiISYANA is a system of recording State MIlik (BMN) for all units in the Udayana University environment that is integrated with SIMAK BMN.

Head of General Bureau Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi conveyed that the making of this information system was motivated by the Label of SIMAK BMN which had not provided adequate information, the application was standalone and the BMN mutation was less controlled. In collaboration with USDI Team, the General Bureau created an Inventory Information System named SiISYANA. With this SiISYANA, the BMN label is equipped with QR Code, not manual, more detailed information by scanning the QR Code and minimizing BMN labeling errors. SiISYANA is also integrated with the database from SIMAK BMN and also integrated with SIPIRANG.

Through SiISYANA BMN management is expected to have a history of clear mutations, systemic deletion, BMN equipped with photos, updated data in real time, updated space goods list, identification of the plan for the needs of state property clearly and supports the development of the State Asset Digitalization Information System.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi who officially launched SiISYANA, in her direction said that Udayana University has around 70 information systems that are expected to support the management of tertiary institutions. With the addition of SiISYANA it is hoped that it can support the management of university assets where through this system assets will be updated at all times and in real time, and can be accessed via mobile phones.

The Chancellor hopes that all existing systems are put to their best use and BMN as the system responsible for launching today will immediately conduct socialization and go down to all units and be able to implement it. The work unit need to support this, so it can provide benefits as expected. All activities carried out are expected to have a clear output and outcome. On the occasion the Chancellor also gave appreciation to all those who have contributed in making this system.