Faculty of Engineering Holds Judisium February 2020 Period, Graduates are Expected to be Able to Create Jobs Field

Faculty of Engineering Udayana University held the graduation of 182 prospective graduates in the Joint Judicature of Engineering Faculty, February 2020 Period on Tuesday (12/2) at Undagi Graha Building, FT Unud, Bukit Campus, Jimbaran. Prospective graduates consisted of 132 undergraduate programs, 45 master programs, and 5 doctoral programs.

In order to produce quality graduates, this activity also provides candidates for graduates how to improve their entrepreneurial spirit, especially technopreneurship. So later they not only looking for a job, but also can create their own jobs.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT, Ph.D explained that he has presented qualified alumni to motivate new graduates to work on their own businesses. "We also as leaders will certainly give direction on how to become a professional when taking part in the field and being able to maintain the good name of the alma mater later," he further said.

In addition, the Faculty of Engineering of Udayana University has made various efforts so that graduates are recognized to the international arena, such as AUN (ASEAN University Network) verification, preparation of Self Evaluation (SAR), and international accreditation of the IABEE (Indonesia Accreditation Board for Engineering Education)