Udayana Universuty Students Receive BNSP Competency Certification

Udayana University students managed to get a Competency Certification in the field of Disaster Management, Friday (01/10/2020). This activity is a continuation of the recommendations for the Competency Certification of the Eastern Indonesia Regional Disaster Management Sector in 2019. The submission of this certification was held at PMI Bali Province Headquarters and was received by 23 participants from PMI throughout Bali, including two students from Udayana University.

Students on behalf of Ibrahim Kholilulah (FTP 2015) and Putu Yunia Andriyani (FISIP 2016) who are members of the KSR-PMI UKM (Indonesian Red Cross Voluntary Corps) and represent PMI Badung Regency and PMI Bali Province. They managed to get certified after successfully passing the Competency Test and get a recommendation in 2019.

"The impression was extraordinary and touched. I never thought I could go through the process and get certified, "said the student who is familiarly called Boim. Boim also advised anyone who would later take part in certification activities to prepare properly and choose competencies according to their occupation.

Furthermore, this certification will be valid for three (3) years and can be extended with several requirements, including assigning a minimum of two (2) times in different places according to the requirements. Ketut Suardana as Head of the Disaster Management and Volunteer Division of the Bali Province PMI said that for now the activity could be attended by PMI HR from all components and fulfilling existing requirements.

"All PMI components, whether volunteers, staff, and administrators can register as participants for now. But it is possible that in the future we will open it to public. Besides completing administrative requirements, the important thing that participants need to pay attention to, is that they must be willing and ready to be prioritized in disaster management assignments, "he said. (yun)