FMIPA UNUD Released 36 Prospective Graduates

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University held the release  of FMIPA  Bachelor Students in December 2019, Friday (06/12/2019) at Nusantara Room, 4th Floor Agrokomplek Building, Udayana University, Sudirman Campus. There were 36 prospective graduates from the Bachelor program who took part in this graduation, including 8 people of Chemistry Study Program, 8 people of Physics Study Program, 2 people of Biology Study Program, 9 people of Mathematics Study Program, 2 people of Pharmacy Study Program, and 6 people from the Informatics Engineering study program.

The best graduate was I Putu Arix Putra Wiguna, S.Si from Physics S1 Study Program. He said he was happy and proud to became the best graduate at the graduation of this December 2019 period. "But the most important thing is responsibility. "What I got today, what we all got today is not just an extension of the name but can be useful for the future, especially technological advances." he concluded 

Prospective graduates will subsequently be submitted to the alumni of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Udayana University, so that communication between prospective graduates and institutions in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Udayana University will continue. Dean of FMIPA Unud, Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc., Ph.D hopes that the prospective graduates will get the best job or be able to continue  to the next level.