The Faculty of Tourism Organizes a Guide Contest as a Series of Tourism Week

Tourism Industry Study Program of the Faculty of Tourism of Udayana University, held a guide contest in Nusantara, Agrokomplek building, Sudirman campus, Tuesday, October 5th, 2019. This competition is part of a series of Tourism Week events that have been routinely held by the Tourism Travel Industry Study Program of Udayana University for 4 years.

According to Anggar Dwi Nugroho, the purpose of this guide contest is to print and channel the talents of each student participating in the competition and of course the results of this competition can further develop the tourism sector in the world of the tourism travel industry. In the series of Tourims Week events there are 4 competitions held by the study program including poster, photography, and also guide contets. Participants who took part in this competition came from high schools and vocational schools in Bali who had gone through the selection process. He hopes this activity can continue every year and can accommodate students who have talent in the field of tourism travel, "I hope this event will be ongoing from year to year. It is hoped that participants can develop their interests and talents in the field of guides.

Vice Dean II Dr. I Nyoman Sudiarta, SE, M.Par Said that this activity is one of the annual programs with the aim of introducing the Faculty of Tourism and also providing education to the wider community, especially students for high schools or vocational schools in Bali. According to him this activity is very important because it can provide education related to tourism to the wider community especially in the future information technology has been very used and can expand information related to tourism more widely. He hopes that this activity can continue to develop and be able to provide education related to tourism to the wider community, "it is hoped that it will be further expanded not only in public high schools, vocational schools, and also tourism universities. Of course it can also provide education and introduce tourism throughout Indonesia and also in the future throughout the world. "