Indonesia Special President Staff Describe Bali and National Tourism Politics & Policy

Tourism Faculty of Udayana University in collaboration with AMUBA Community (Young Bali Academics) held a Talkshow with the theme "Politics & National Tourism Policy in Five-Year" on Monday (16/9) at the Postgraduate Hall, Unud Campus, Sudirman . The discussion was attended by 200 participants, most of  them were S1, S2, and S3 students of the Faculty of Tourism, Unud. Not only that, other faculties from both inside and outside of Udayana University were present.

This discussion discusses the political policies carried by the current government, especially in the field of tourism. Presenting Dr. A.A.G.N Aridwipayana, M.Sc, Special Staff of Indonesia President and Secretary General of KAGAMA as speakers. He explained about the direction of political policy in the field of tourism by evaluating policies that will be strengthened in the next 5 years. "With this discussion, I hope that Unud would have good quality human resources that can be donated to strengthen Unud as a center of excellence, a reference center for tourism," explained Dr. AAGN Aridwipayana, M.Sc.

Dean of  tourism faculty, Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, M.Si said that this discussion was important because it was a form of assistance to the government to improve Tourism Human Resources in the tourism village as the government wanted at this time. Most importantly, it is hoped that the insights and knowledge of the Faculty of Tourism students will increase so that they can look for a better next step because they already know the direction of our nation's policy in developing tourism in Indonesia. (sis / ben)