Six PMDSU Scholarship Recipients Candidates Unud Do Selection

Udayana University held a selection of scholarship recipients from Master's Degree to Doctorate Program for Superior Bachelor (PMDSU) Batch V. There were six scholarship recipients who had passed the administrative selection to take basic competency tests, interview tests, English and TPA proficiency tests. The test was conducted on July 11st-13rd 2019 in the Meeting Room of the Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus Denpasar.

Prof. Dr. dr. I Putu Gede Adiatmika, M.Kes, Director of Postgraduate Program at Udayana University, revealed that the PMDSU scholarship is an acceleration program for Masters and Doctoral Studies by the Directorate General of Science and Technology Resources and the Higher Education Ministry of Research and Technology. "They are also required to complete their studies in accordance with their abilities, namely 4 years of study period. "One year master program and 3 year doctoral program," said Prof. dr. Sudiatmika.

In addition to graduate within 4 years, the recipient of this PMDSU scholarship will later be required to make at least 2 international publications indexed in Schopus. "Therefore they are evaluated per semester. If in the 1st semester has a GPA above 3.5, then he will continue in 2nd  semester. If he has completed 2nd semester a new dissertation he can continue to 3rd semester, "added Prof. dr. Sudiatmika.

This year is the first year for Udayana University as a PMDSU Scholarship organizer. For tertiary educational institutions, PMDSU Scholarships must fulfill indicators, including having doctoral programs, having promoters with human index 4 values ​​and having doctoral guidance who have graduated on time. "After being explored Udayana University has lecturers with human index 4 in doctoral study program, S3 in Medical Sciences. So, after going through selection at the central level, finally Udayana University can be trusted as the organizer of PMDSU based on fulfilled requirements, "said the Chancellor of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. from A.A Raka Sudewi.

Based on these requirements, 3 lecturers were selected who qualified as promoters, namely Prof. Dr. dr. A.A Raka Sudewi Sp.S (K); Prof. Dr.dr Sri Maliawan SP. BS (K) FICS; Prof.Dr.dr Ketut Suastika Sp.D-KEMD. These promoters will later serve as mentors to PMDSU Scholarship recipient students starting from Masters program to graduating  Doctoral program.

Prof. dr. Sudiatmika hopes to be able to recruit PMDSU Scholarship recipients to become lecturers at Udayana University. "With lecturers who already have doctoral qualifications, lecturers with writing skills will become an example for other friends who have just graduated, so they can compete to get this PMDSU scholarship," he said. (via, dsk)