34th Faculty of Tourism Family Board: Involving Campus as a Place for Sustainable Tourism

To commemorate the 34th anniversary of Faculty of Tourism, Udayana University, the Faculty of Tourism of Udayana University held the Faculty of Tourism Family Board (BK FPar). The 34th  BK FPar has the theme of "Sustainable Development Goals", namely the Role of Campus in Sustainable Tourism, with the intention, not only Tri Dharma of college is the ideal of the Faculty of Tourism but also to implement existing environmental sustainability around.

"We not only run Tri Dharma of College which is our daily life on campus, but also conduct research and service related to environmental sustainability," explained I Nyoman Tri Sutaguna, S.ST.Par., M.Par, the Chair Committee when delivering a speech at 34th Faculty of Tourism Family Board.

The event began with the procurement of BK FPar Bazaar, then continued with a seminar on entrepreneurship and the environment held on April 25, 2019. There were also several events that involved every person from the Faculty of Tourism into several competitions, to increase creativity and a leisurely walk on April 26 2019, blood donation and medical examination on April 27, 2019.

The 34th BK FPar was also filled with community service to Bongan Village as a cultivated Village of  Udayana University Tourism Faculty. Community service held on April 28, 2019 focused on increasing the potential that exists in the village sustainable, in order to make Bongan Village as a tourism village that can be better. The community service contributed by international students from Go-Bali Program to Ngurah Rai Forest Park Mangrove Forest on April 29, 2019.

The 34th Faculty of Tourism Family Board is closed with a series of events such as flag ceremony and the peak event was on Wednesday, May 1st 2019. The flag ceremony is a routine event to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the Faculty of Tourism of Udayana University. The peak event begins with a symbolic cutting of tumpeng by the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, the appearance of Diploma IV Tourism study program, Tourism Travel Industry study program, and Tourism Destination study program, as well as performances from several guest stars and culinary stands in the entire Faculty of Tourism.

The Dean of Faculty of Tourism at Udayana University, Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, M.Sc hopes Faculty of Tourism Unud can continue to improve its achievements both nationally and internationally. "In our age of 34, I hope that these achievements always increase continually. And I once again, not only to students but also to lecturers, staff, and everybody from the Faculty of Tourism for your support so that our faculties can become even better. "He explained, when giving a speech at the 34th Tourism Faculty Family Board peak event.