Udayana University Entrepreneurship Development Center Invites Students to Be Independent through Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Indonesian  is to be an independent nation and an independent nation comes from having an independent young generation. To realize this mission, Udayana University Entrepreneurship Development Center held a Workshop on Preparing Business Plan and Proposal for Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) 2019. This activity was held at the Hall of Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus, Udayana University. This activity lasted for two days, from 27-28 April 2019. On the first day, students were given lesson  about the preparation of business plans and proposals, while on the second day students were invited to upload their proposals to the 2019 Indonesian Student Business Competition.

Chairperson of the Udayana University Entrepreneurship Development Center, Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani, S.Si., A.Pt., M.Sc, hopes that Udayana University can re-carve achievements after previously won 2nd place in Indonesian Student Business Competition held by the Director General of Learning and Student Affairs. Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani revealed that this activity was carried out not only to prepare students to take part in Indonesian Student Business Competition 2019, but also to invite students to be an independent with entrepreneurship. "It is hoped that students will not only focus on academics. Smart is mandatory because now we are in college but the challenge is how students compete after graduating from here, " said Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani.

The existence of this activity, Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani also hopes that when Udayana University students graduate with their bachelor's degrees, they will no longer be confused in looking for a job, but instead provide employment opportunities. He also revealed, that business does not depend on one knowledge, but all knowledge can be applied in business activities. "In the past we imagined that university was far away like in an ivory tower whose knowledge cannot be applied, now from the beginning every knowledge is useful. Not only economic faculties can do business but also others," said Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani.

Udayana University students also seemed enthusiastic to take part in this activity. From the first day of this activity, there were 210 students from all faculties at Udayana University who participated in this activity. Chancellor of Udayana University, Dr.dr. A.A Raka Sudewi, Sp. S (K) also appreciates this activity. According to her, this event can raise the spirit of entrepreneurship of Udayana University students and will be very useful for the students themselves.

"My hope is that, in that success students will bring creative ideas that are innovative in nature that can be transformed into a product that provides benefits both economically to the community and itself," said Dr. A.A Raka Sudewi. (via)