Reduce Plastic Waste, KMPL TalkShow Prepared Gallon Water

In commemoration of World Earth Day, the Environmental Care Student Community (KMPL) Faculty of Medical, Udayana University held an environmental health talk show, Saturday (04/13/2019). This activity was held in Meeting Room of Dr. A. A. Made Djelantik, Faculty of Medical, Udayana University. The talkshow take the theme "Reduce Plastic Waste, Save Our Seas from the Dangers of Marine Debris."

To support the movement of reducing  plastic waste in accordance with the theme, this talk show prepared gallons of water at the registration desk. In the snack box mineral water is not provided. Talkshow participants are welcome to bring their own drink bottles and refill in the places provided.

Putu Anindya Eka Putri, chairman of  environmental health talkshow committee said the actions taken at the talk show this time are a concrete manifestation to minimize the danger of marine debris. "If  using mineral water, can increase the amount of plastic waste because of the bottle or plastic straw. It's better to bring your own bottle," he said.

The presence of marine debris is very dangerous. Marine debris or marine waste is an object or material, which can be plastic, metal, styrofoam, and cloth, which is disposed of into the water. Its existence has a negative impact such as damage to marine ecosystems until the death of marine biota, even disrupting human health.

This 2017 Public Health Science student added the impact of marine debris is the background of a talk show. "The fish we consume can be contaminated with marine debris and certainly harmful to humans. Therefor, we took the initiative to hold a talk show and educate the public as early as possible, "he said.

This environmental health talkshow presented three speakers. The first speaker was I Gede Hendrawan, S.Si, M.Sc, Ph.D (Faculty of Marine and Fisheries) which provided material in understanding of marine debris and its dangers to health. The second speaker is Ns. I Kadek Saputra, S.Kep, M.Erg (Faculty of Medicine) who provide marine debris hazard material for human health. The third speaker was Andre Dananjaya (Kopernik Gianyar) who provided prevention and mitigation material for marine debris.

In addition to talkshow, KMPL of the Medical Faculty of Udayana University will also hold a Beach Clean Up on Saturday (04/21/1919) at Batu Bolong Beach. It is hoped by this talkshow will be able to increase public awareness to pay more attention to the environment and to reduce the use of plastic waste as early as possible, for example by using tumbler bottles and using stainless straws. (yun)