The visit of the Rector and his staff to the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries

The Rector along with the Deputy Rector, Chair of the Institution, and the Head of the Bureau visited the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries (FKP), Wednesday (1/16) at the Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The visit begins by looking at the infrastructure owned by FKP in supporting the learning process such as laboratory facilities and lecture rooms and supporting facilities. The laboratory owned by FKP is currently quite adequate and very active in its utilization, but the lecture room facilities are still inadequate to see the number of students who continue to grow from year to year.

Rector of Unud, Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi conveyed this visit in order to improve the synergy of the university with existing units in an effort to achieve the vision and mission of the university as well as an internationalization program based on four pillars namely Governance, Resources, Higher Education Tridarma and Infrastructure Facilities.

On this occasion the Rector also explained the work program and policies that had been issued by the university such as governance had been issued several new rules that must be known by all academics. The Vice Rector also had the opportunity to provide information related to policies in accordance with their respective fields to the Dean and the ranks of faculty leaders and FKP academics present.

In the discussion session the Rector along with the ranks of university leaders obtained information and input related to the problems that were still experienced in the FKP. The Rector has a commitment to facilitate and find solutions related to constraints faced according to priority scale. (HM)