Counseling and Animal Health Inspection To Commemorate World Veterinary Day

Enthusiasm of Participants Participating in World Veterinary Day Activities

Denpasar – Sunday, April 29th, 2018, there was conducted an activities of Animal Counceling and Inspection in Preventing Zoonosis Disease located at Niti Mandala Field, Renon, Denpasar. This activity is a collaboration between BEM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Master Program of Veterinary, and Animal Hospital of Udayana University's Veterinary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This activity aimed to provide an explanation of zoonotic diseases to the public and provide information on the role of veterinarian in dealing with it.

This event is an annual event held to commemorate World Veterinery Day. The background of the implementation is because in Bali there are many cases of rabies, bird flu, and so it is necessary to carry out this activity to provide information to the community. The organizers in this activity amounted to 30 people who had prepared it since one month earlier.

Counseling and Inspection of Animal Health in Preventing Zoonosis Disease is conducted from 06.30-10.00 WITA. The target of the participants is the general public. A total of 89 people participated as participants by checking their pets. The agenda in this activity is the socialization of zoonotic diseases and general check up of animals for free.

Animals General Check Up in World Veterinary Day

Ni Kadek Intan Dwityanti, the chairman of the committee in this activity hoped that this activity could be useful for the community. "Hopefully the conseling from us can provide useful information and can promote the veterinary profession in Indonesia", she said.

"It is good to hold this kind of activities, especially when it is done routinely because I feel helped by this activity", said Anton, one of the participants who checked his pet. (fai)