Through World Earth Day, KMPL of Udayana’s Medical Faculty Encouraged Young Generation to Care about the Environment

Group Photo at the End of KMPL’s Socialization with Students and Teachers of 12 Denpasar Public Junior High School


Denpasar (21/04), The Community of Environmental Caring Students (KMPL) , Medical Faculty, Udayana University celebrated World Earth Day (WEDA) by conducting social activities in several schools.

One of the work programs applied to the community in the series of Earth Day celebration was the World Earth Day. The activity was in packed by setting up an agenda for counseling on waste and demonstrating how to utilize used goods as useful items.

"This activity is aimed at increasing the participants' knowledge about garbage and how to deal with it" said Kadek Ayu Astiti as the Chief Executive.

Ayu Astiti added that with the increasing volume of garbage nowadays, the young generation is expected to have the insight and skill in processing and utilizing used goods that exist in the surrounding environment.

The Atmosphere when Students Were Following Games in the Classroom.

The targets of this program implementation were students in 5 Denpasar and 12 Denpasar Public Junior High Schools as new cadres who care about waste.

In addition, the committees incorporated in the KMPL from the class of 2015 until 2017 provided games and sharing sessions related to waste in order to train students' knowledge and skills about it.

The program will continue to evolve and run annually with new cadres sensitive to environmental conditions. (khania)