Denpasar - Sunday (25/03), Food Industry Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agricultural Technology Udayana University, invited high school students in Bali in order to socialize Food Industry Technology (TIP) Study Program. This activity was held for the first time by ITP Student Association in introducing ITP Study Program to high school students. The "Open Day" event which took place in the 3rd floor meeting room Agrokomplek  Building Sudirman, was attended by 47 students from high school and vocational school in Bali.

"This is our first activity for the socialization of the department to high school students, and this activity will become our annual routine in introducing the study program to students and the society", said Kadek Mei Ahadianti, the member of ITP Student Association, Department of Caderization and Cooperation among Organizations.

This activity was held, of course, with a strong reason; a reason based on the idea of student creativity, seeing the lack of awareness from the society, especially the younger generation to the importance of agriculture industry in everyday life and future. In addition to introducing and providing an understanding of the ITP department, Open Day provides an opportunity for the participants to be TIP students in a day. Besides, there was also a demo in making of a food product.

The activity with the theme of "Through Open Day TIP 2018, We Build Awareness of Young Generation on the Importance of Agro Industries for a Superior Future" was getting a very positive response from the coordinator of Udayana University TIP Department, Dr. Ir Ni Luh Putu Wirasiati, MP. In her speech, she introduced a glimpse of the TIP Study Program, studies during the lecture and future employment prospects for TIP graduates.

Furthermore, 2018 ITP Open Day also presented Udayana’s TIP alumnus who have succeed in pursuing the food industry technology field. They were Ayu Putu Sarasdewi, S.TP, a young entrepreneur and I Gede Arimbawa, S.TP. They explained about their experiences as students in which they think that the opportunity to become ITP students is a fortune; in addition to getting the knowledge, the most important thing in being a student is to establish a relationship by gaining friends to hone soft skills. In work opportunities, TIP gives freedom to students in obtaining or getting a job. The fields that can be cultivated through this department are lab analyzers, quality control staffs in a company, employees in the government, private employees and entrepreneurs. (Ism)