Together with BPOM Republic of Indonesia Recognize the Potential of Herbal Cosmetics for Health

The atmosphere during the inauguration of the National Seminar and Pharmacy Workshop 2018, held at Matahari Ballroom, Hotel Nikki Denpasar. 

Denpasar, (11/18) Pharmacy Students Association under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Udayana University held a National Seminar in 2018. This seminar entitled "Potential of Indonesian Herbs as Health and Beauty Products."

According to one of the Organizing Committee of National Pharmaceutical Seminar that this event aimed to provide training to the community, especially to Pharmaceutical workforce or Pharmacist. In addition, the National Seminar and Workshop was held to become a facilitator to provide SKP IAI which is very important for Pharmacists.

The objectives aimed at this implementation, namely the general public, pharmacist professional personnel throughout Indonesia as it relates to SKP IAI. Based on the Guidelines of the Indonesian Pharmacist Association, each Pharmacist collects 150 points over 5 years to extend the Competency Certificate as required.

Pharmacy Seminar 2018 presented leading speakers namely Zul Ikhwan, S.Si., Apt. as Business Manager of Kimia Farma Central Denpasar, and Dra. Nelvya Roza, Apt., M. Pharm. from BPOM's Food and Drug Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia. Both speakers discussed a topic on Utilization of Natural Materials as Natural Cosmetic Products for Healthy Living, and Herbal Cosmetic Prospects and Legality Aspects.

Participants who attended also attended the Workshop session by creating a simple and self-practiced Health product. The training was conducted under the guidance of I Nyoman Parta Wijaya, S. Farm., Apt from PT Sensatia Botanicals.   

"Through this implementation, it is expected, so that all can re-open the eyes that to look beautiful, does not have to come from expensive products, but can be processed from natural materials." Tiara said as Pharmacy Seminar Executing Committee 2018. (khania)