Youth Exchange Alumni and Talk Show Participants Photo

Denpasar - Wednesday (21/02), Alumni of youth exchange program which joined in Paraka Caraka Muda Indonesia Bali (PCMI-BALI) holds Talk Show at Udayana University. This event is held in the Nusantara Hall, Agrokomplek Building, Denpasar. This two hour event (from 5 pm to 7 pm) is attended by 70 participants from students in Denpasar and surrounding areas.

This Talk Show is moderated by Ni Luh Putu Diah Desvi Arina who is an alumna of Nusantara Youth Ship Program. There are four main speakers who were alumni of the youth exchange program last year in the core session. The four speakers are Wulan who is an alumna of Youth Interfaith Youth Program to Singapore, Arta who is an alumnus of ASEAN-Japan Intergovernmental Youth Exchange program, June who is alumnus of Nusantara Youth Ship Program, and Andika who is alumnus of Youth Interchange Program to India.

While Talk Show is Held

I Putu Dimas Malarena or Dimas Malarena, the chairman of Talk Show and also as the chairman of PCMI-Bali youth exchange selection, states that this event is aimed to promote the Youth Interchange (PPAN) and Youth Ship Nusantara (KPN) programs which are annually organized by KEMENPORA RI through selection from PCMI. Furthermore, this activity is also aimed to find a superior Balinese youth who can bring the name of Bali in National and International levels. The main points in screening youth exchange program participants are young people who are able to think progressively, open minded, and able to accept differences. According to Dimas, those characteristics will be sought by PCMI-Bali to be representatives of Bali Province to introduce Bali to the world.

Dimas states that in 2018, this youth exchange activity will begin its administrative selection on March 1, 2018 until March 31, 2018. Regarding administrative requirements, the participants who have a strong desire to follow this activity can check PCMI-Bali website at pcmibali.wordpress.com.