Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudharma, M.S. accompanied by Dr. John Setyo, MP when opening the National Seminar of Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Jimbaran – Saturday (23/12), In order to celebrate the anniversary of Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agricultural Technology Udayana University Seminra Nasional title in Auditorium Widya Sabha Mandala, Jimbaran. The first national seminar organized by BEM FTP was attended by all FTP Unud students.

"This national seminar is the first seminara held by FTP students, usually only a symposium by lecturers, and indeed earmarked by all students of FTP Unud." Said Intan chairman of Agitechfast committee when found on the sidelines of his busy.

In addition to students, the National Seminar entitled Agricultural Technology Today and Later is also attended by lecturers, Vice Dean III FTP, and Vice Rector III who also opened the event.

Dr. John Setyo, MP as Vice Dean III explains, many current students who pass and work is not in accordance with the field he is engaged in.

"A lot of FTP graduates work at the Bank, and few start businesses in agriculture. This is one factor why agriculture technology in Bali is not progressing rapidly, whereas at the age of 22 years old should be able to provide new innovations that can promote the field of agriculture in Bali. "Clearly in giving a welcome

In addition, Vice Rector III of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudharma, M.S. all participants are always keen to sharpen soft skills.

"Science is not only obtained from bench course, but also can be learned in the social environment of society. Students should be able to hone their soft skills and skills in establishing communication and social relationships. "

If today there are still many confusing professions what can be occupied by a graduate of Agricultural Technology, Prof. Wisnu Gardjito is the answer. Wisnu Gardjito is a lecturer at the Bogor Agricultural Institute who also works as an entrepreneur. The owner of The Green Coco Island tells how impressed they are-those who pursue science in the field of Agricultural Technology. 

Prof. Wisnu Gardjito when giving material presentation at Semnas FTP Unud 2017

"Take pride in those who are studying in the field of Agricultural Technology, Many of the sciences that you get from the agricultural technology that will deliver you in succession. Through Agricultural Technology I can earn a huge turnover from coconut procession, to 1,600 products and have penetrated in international markets such as Japan and Singapore, "he said when giving an explanation on the FTP national seminars.

According to him, today's student mindset has to be changed much, from employee orientation to entrepreneurs who can provide more profitable and useful income. Not only for yourself but also in the community. Wisnu Gardjito in addition to managing his company, he also builds small groups of people to make creative efforts, which in turn can increase the income of the community itself. More than that, Vishnu expressed willingness to cooperate with the Unud if there were students studying with him to make creative efforts. (Ism)