Vice Rector III Prof. Dr.Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S. when giving a speech on PKM Writing Training 2017

Denpasar – Saturday (23/09), Student Creativity Program (PKM) has been held, followed by student Bidik Misi, Afirmasi Papua and 3T areas. The activities held directly by the Vice Rector III of and received a very positive response from the students. This can be seen from the full of Law Faculty hall filled with the participants. Not only the students but also the faculty lecturers are also present in this training.

Vice Rector III Prof. Dr.Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S. appealed to require students to make PKM and make it one of the requirements for graduation. But it is still in the process of formulating and waiting for SK.  Prof. Sudarma also said that students who have been equipped with knowledge, a skill of thinking, management skill, and communication should be able to integrate and apply it in a creativity that is able to give answers to the phenomenon in society, one of them is by making PKM .

“I have a thought that if the PKM is mandatory and serve as a requirement for graduation of undergraduate students. Besides as a benchmark of institutional quality, it is also a reflection of the students. Hopefully, this can be done and get out of SK "said Prof. Made Sudarma.