Implementing the Work Program, KIH Unud Held Health Seminar II

The atmosphere of material presentation session in Health Seminar II KIH FK Unud

In order to implement the annual work program of the Semi Autonomous Body (BSO) Hippocrates Scientific Group (KIH) Udayana Medical Faculty (FK), KIH held the second Health Seminar entitled 'Health Seminar II KIH FK Unud', with the theme "Update on Management of Preeclampsia / Eclampsia and Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy ". This activity is also held in order to update knowledge in the field of health and also extracting funds. In this event also attended the invitations such as Vice Dean for Student Affairs Udayana of Medical Faculty, Chairman of the Executive Board of Udayana Faculty of Medicine, Chairman of Student Association that exist in the Faculty of Medicine Udayana ie HMKU, HMKG, HMKM, HMIK, HM Psychology, and HM Physiotherapy, also Attended by all Head of BSO FK Udayana namely Chairman of KIH, Head of Student Care Group Aids (KMPA), Chairman of Cancer Care Student Group (KOMPAK), Chairman of TBM Janar Duta, Head of Environmental Care Student Group (KMPL).

The event was opened by Vice Dean for Student Affairs Udayana FK, which was attended by various background participants, such as various health institutions in Bali with the number of participants as much as 169 people. This activity was held on Sunday (27/05) at Lecture Room 4.01-4.02, West Building of Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. This activity has been prepared for more or less three months ago. The committee in charge of preparing various things for the sake of the continuity of this activity. As for some preparations that have been done include starting with the formation of the committee, the division of job description, preparing the theme to be lifted, determine the characters who are invited as speakers, determine the location of the seminar, SKP management, preparation of the proposal, and do not forget to prepare tickets seminar followed Seminar promotional activities conducted by health education institutions in Bali, then continued with the registration of participants until no less important is the coordination and preparation of all equipment technically seminar activities on the H day.

Activities that had been started since 08.00 Wita was filled by two speakers who are reliable in their fields. The speakers who participated in this event were obstetric specialists SMF Obgyn Sanglah RSUP such as dr. A. A. Putra Wiradnyana, Sp.OG who brought the material of "Management Update of Preecalmpsia / Eclampsia" then the next session disclosure seminar material filled by dr. Endang Sri Widiyanti, M.Biomed, SpOG who brought the material of "Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy". Before the presentation of the material, there were the opening of the event and the opening speech, and after the presentation of the material had conducted a question and answer session, which was then closed with the charter distribution and lunch.

According to Dayu, as the head of the event, this Health Seminar is very important to do, "Maternal mortality due to Preeclampsia / Eclampsia is very high, one of them is caused by the less maximal initial approach to the mother of this patient, which made it too late to be handle. So with the seminar is expected to increase the knowledge of participants in facing and referring patients when experiencing symptoms leading to Preeclampsia / Eclampsia", said Dayu. (mimi)