The participant of Tri Hita Karana Social Service when receiving debriefing from Bendesa Adat Pura Sakenan

Denpasar – Saturday (27/05), Student Senate Faculty of Arts Udayana University held Bakti Tri Hita Karana in Pura Sakenan Serangan. This social event is a series of Student Day activities of Faculty of Cultural Sciences which took place in the year 2016 ago.

"The emergence of a new campus policy stating that new students are not allowed to do the stay activities. It makes this social activity should be delayed for one semester. Nevertheless, Tri Hita Karana's social work activity can still take place well, "explained Pasundari Anantaya, a student of English Literature at Udayana University, the head of Public Service of Tri Hita Kirana when met on the sidelines of her busy life.

In this social event there were three series of activities namely, planting, cleaning and teaching. "For the planting activity, we planted Ketapang plants, cleansing in the Sakenan temple area, while for teaching we do teaching in Paud Kumara Sari school and in Bugis village refugee camp." Added Pasundari.

Prof. Dr. Ni Luh Sutji Beratha,M A. when delivering speech for the participants of Bakti Tri Hita Karana

Social charity that carries the theme of One Example 1000 Messages, followed by second semester students and old students who have not attended last year's devotion. Also there were attending the ranks of Dean and Head of Faculty of Arts, Udayana University.

Prof. Dr. Ni Luh Sutji Beratha, M. A. explained that Tri Hita Karana Social Activity is an implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, that is community service. It was expected that through this activity, students can apply Tri Hita Karana's teachings by keeping harmony between person with the creator, relationship with fellow human being, and relationship with environment. (mimi)