Students of 2014 History Study Program when Taking Picture with Bali Archivists Officials

Denpasar - Tuesday (May 16, 2017), Students of History Study Program carried out the archival study at Department of Archives and Library in Bali. This activity was done as one of the requirements of the archival study course. Dr. Nyoman Sukiada, M.Hum, one of the lecturers of Archival Studies, stated that the purpose of this field study was to know about the management of archives related to the History Study Program. It is like the use of data or documents that have been used in the writing of history.

Archives are recording of events in various forms and media in accordance with the information and communication technology development created and accepted by state agencies, local governments, educational institutions, corporate organizations, etc. Cok Istri Mas, the Head of Development, Supervision, and Guidance of Archives in Bali stated that an archive relating to the field of history is a static archive because the character of the static archive is created once, cannot be re-created. Historical archives must also be accountable and authentic as well as, of course, have historical value. The archive management cycle is structuring, storing, maintaining, and shrinking.

Cok Mas, the Head of Development, Supervision, and Guidance of Archives in Bali when Giving Explanation to Students of History Study Program, Faculty of Arts, Udayana University in Static Archive Storage Building

Archive is an important thing that can be used in the field of academic and non academic. However, nowadays the awareness of the use of archives in society is still very low. Archive is often considered as the unattractive thing.

"It can be seen that nowadays society has little concern for archive. However, when they are in certain conditions, the archive is very functioning. In the field of law all the things are related to the archive. Backing up archive is very useful. Therefore, whatever it is we must make the archive to protect ourselves", Cok Mas added. (manik)