HM Successful Psychology Degree Upgrading & Working Meeting ILMPI Region V

Psychology Student Association Faculty of Medicine Udayana University, successfully held Upgrading & Working Meeting ILMPI Region V which has been held at Taman Wisata Hotel, Saturday (22/04). The theme of the event is "Combat The Struggle to Realize ILMPI Renewable". This event is made in order to run work meeting and upgrading by all board of Association of Indonesian Psychology Students Region V.

Upgrading & Working Meeting ILMPI Region V is started with the opening, upgrading, exposure of material from three speakers, outbound, and Rakerwil, and continued with field trip in the next day.

The purpose of this event is to discuss and develop new work programs from the new VII ILMPI governance. "I hope this event can add insight and intimacy of the participants," said Made Anandari, as vice chairman of the committee of the Department of Psychology class of 2015, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University.

Upgrade Event & Working Meeting ILMPI Region V has been well prepared for approximately one and a half months. The event was attended by ILMPI Region V delegates and delegates from East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara. (arisugama)