On Thursday, (23/03) A total of ± 100 students of Pendidikan Indonesia University (UPI), Bandung, majoring in sociology of education, visited the Sociology study program of Udayana University. This visit was a study tour to Bali conducted in 2017's. The students and lecturers of UPI were welcomed in Nusantara Room, on the 4th Floor of Agrocomplex Building, Udayana, Sudirman, Denpasar.

The warm welcome was given by Dra. Nazrina Zuryani, M.A., Ph.D. represented the dean of FISIP and the head of the Sociology study program in Udayana University. In this welcome greeting speech, Mrs. Inez, which is her nickname, also introduced the Sociology Program in Udayana University. From UPI, the speech was given by Hj. Siti Komariah, M.Sc., Ph.D., the chairman of the education department of sociology of Pendidikan Indonesia University.

On this visit, of Sociology Udayana gave a Stadium General about the exposure of the sociology of culture and Bali in general. Hosted by the head of the laboratory, Budi Wahyu Nugroho and Gde Kama Jaya. In general stadium, it was filled also with debriefing. Students who are majoring in Sociology from UPI very interested in Bali, judging from the enthusiasm and depth of the questions they asked.

On the occasion, some students from UPI conveyed their impressions when they set foot on the island. Many of those students were visiting Bali for the first time. One of them did not hesitate to say that his dream to visit Bali was accoplished.

"My dream for visiting Bali finally accomplished, and I was very impressed when on a trip from Gilimanuk harbor, I saw many temples, and the architecture is very typical" (mimi)