Commemoration Day of Oral Health and Dental, Dentistry of Udayana University Held an Oration

The situation after opening the event at Medical Faculty of Udayana University

In order to commemoration the World Oral and Dental Health annually on March 20, Association of Dentistry Student, Medical Faculty Udayana University held speech activity and its series named "World Oral Health Day 2017" held at Bajra Sandhi Renon and on this occasion the theme was "Sweet Smile, Beautiful Day". The event was prepared for months and should form the committee, drafting and preparation of a series of activities. The participants who were involved in this activity are students of Dentistry, Medical Faculty of Udayana University generation 2014, 2015 to 2016. Also presented by the Vice Dean section Students Affairs Medical faculty, Head of the Dentistry Study Program, lecturers of Medical faculty, Institute of FK UNUD, Semi-Autonomous Board (BSO) FK , Chairman of the Association, representatives of POLTEKES, and UNMAS

Free dental check by Udayana University Dentistry

This event was conducting a series of activities, such as oration by two representatives of the committee as well as four representatives of the participants. The focus of the oration was why dental hygiene is important and how to maintain it. In addition, also held the distribution of leaflets, filling the questionnaire, the distribution of free toothbrush, as well as the checkpoints for dental checking which is free. According to Fajar, as chairman of the activity, this event is important to raise public awareness of the importance to maintain dental and oral hygiene. The event was opened at the Medical Faculty, and continued with a series of activities at the Bajra Sandhi was successful and took two hours. (sobhita)