Community Service OF HIMAITEPA, Dedicate Themselves to village

Speech and reports from the Chairman of the Community Service Events of HIMAITEPA
An annual work program is usually done every year, Students’ Association of Science and Food Engineering, Udayana University held Community Service activities. This community service activities as well as an embodiment of a role as a student in the fulfillment of Tri Dharma College that is dedicated to the community. Implementer of this activity is the organizing committee of functionaries elected Students’ Association (HMJ) and the selected students of Science and Food Engineering, 2015th generation. This event was held on March 18, 2017 starting at 8 am until 2 pm, and implemented in Banjar Mayungan, Anyar, Antapan Village, Baturiti, Tabanan.
In this community service activities, the organizing committee also expressed donations collected during the preparation process. Donations collected in the form of milk, stationery, and money. Milk collected to be donated amount of 274 pieces, and stationery are collected in the form of notebooks amount of 324 pieces, and cash collected a number of Rp.2.115.000 million rupiah. These donations came from the students of Science and Food Engineering (ITP) from the 2014th, 2015th, 2016th generation and comes from the lecturers that exist within the Science and Food Engineering Department. Participants who attended this event were students of Science and Food Engineering Department (ITP) 2016th generation, all functionaries Students’ Association (HMJ) Science and Food Engineering or familiarly known by HIMAITEPA, all lecturers in Science and Food Engineering Department ( ITP), as well as the committee.
In the success of this event, also attended the invitation of the Head of Village Antapan, Office Klian of Banjar Mayungan Anyar, Chairman of the Group of Women Farmers (KWT) Srikandi, Principal of Elementary School 1 Antapan, Jero Bendesa Mayungan Custom, Head and Secretary of Science and Food Engineering Department (ITP). This community service has made the preparation that took two months, starting from January 2017 ago. Things were prepared in the form of the establishment of the core committee and its coordinator, continued to survey the location to determine the target's community service activities, drafting, researching and solving the problems in the food sector in the Women Farmers Group (KWT) Srikandi. Community service of HIMAITEPA this time carried a theme "Serving and Dedicating ourselves to the Village Community".
According to the chairman of the committee, it is important to hold this activity because it is as a form of student devotion to the community as the academic community, but also give benefit to ourselves as well as the local community. The village community will get benefit in the form of knowledge of how to develop a product or create a finished product that is able to increase the value of higher selling and know good processing so that later product would be safe for consumption and can be stored in long term. And through this devotion is expected that members of the Local Group of Women Farmers (KWT) can be intrigued and become more active in developing their business. And benefits received as academicians especially Science and Food Engineering Department become more sensitive to society issues in the field of food safety and able to provide practical solutions in solving the problems.
Community service activities are divided into three types of activities. The first activity carried out check BMI (body mass index) of children of elementary school 1 Antapan. This activity not only check IMT but also will be interspersed with the socialization of its essentials eating fruits and vegetables, and closed with playing games. In the second activity conducted free health check events held at the Multipurpose Building, Village Head Office Antapan for citizens Banjar Mayungan Anyar, conducted by Bali Youth Caregiver. Also held presentations and manufacture of vegetable juice products "SASATASULA" with Women Farmers Group (KWT) Srikandi, which carried out the socialization troubleshooting vegetable juice products are not durable, and is accompanied by providing problem solution. And concludes with a speech that aim to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit KWT who were participating there. (kezia)