BKFK 55: Held Health Service Successfully

The atmosphere in the location

In order to celebrate the 55th BKFK the medical faculty held an activity with theme “Merangkai Suka Cita dalam Kekeluargaan”. This activity was held in Petang village, Badung. This activity has been prepared for months. The activity was organized by the academic community of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Udayana, both committee and volunteer. The participants in this activity were 70 people.

This community service was organised in the form of education, and it is known as health service. The extensions were dental health education, circadian rhythms, and sexology conducted in SD 1 Petang, Badung. In addition to the counseling in primary school, it also held activities counseling about the dangers and the impact of cigarette consumption and vape held in Banjar Kelod Petang. Besides, the activity also conducted free medical services. Where the committee was make a camp of free health services for the local community. This activity was held in two days, from February 25th until 26th, 2016. The event was held successfully.  (sobhita)