International Relation Incredible Seventh Award Becomes the Branding Event of Students of International Relations

The photo of all student generations of International Relations that came at the event of International Relation Incredible Seventh Award, which became a branding event of the students of International Relations, at Grand Mega Hotel, (17/12)

In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of International Relations Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University, there was held an event with the theme “Back to 60’s”. This event took place at Grand Mega Hotel and invited all the student generations of International Relations. Besides, the event was also attended by the Secretary of Study Program, Students’ Executive Board of Social and Political Sciences Faculty (BEM FISIP), and Student Representative Council of Social and Political Sciences Faculty (BPM FISIP). At this time, on December 17, it was enlivened by the dance, Gala Dinner, IR Awards and other entertainments.

This event with the dress code of vintage 60’s style began to open gate at 5 p.m. The participants sang the song “Indonesia Raya” as the opening event. Then, it was continued by a speech delivered by M. Prahaseno Rusiantama as the Chairperson of this event. After that, it was continued by a speech from the Chairperson of Students Community of International Relations 2016, Moses Harazaki Telaumbauna, and the Chairperson of Study Program. It was continued by a speech of the Dean of Social and Political Sciences Faculty that also officially opened the event.

It was not only a celebration of the anniversary. The event of International Relations’ anniversary or known as IRIS also became an event to motivate the students of International Relations through some competitions. The competition was divided into three categories, namely Award I (an award for most inspiring student), Award II (an award for most extraordinary student), and Award III (an award for best dress student). “These awards become the branding of International Relations to motivate the students. It has been held since last year, and now it is held again,” Seno as the Chairperson of this event said. It was started by the reading of nominations, and finally obtained the finalists from those three awards. Award I was won by Ni Nyoman Clara; Award II was won by Sheka Mahardika; and Award III was won by Ngurah Aristya and Geraldine Shinta. In addition to the award, this event was also enlivened by the videos of various students generations. There were also some entertainments from some bands, and cake cutting ceremony as well as the beating of pinata as the main symbol in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of International Relations. “Through this event, it is expected that all generations of International Relations, Udayana University become closer and more unified. And International Relations of Udayana University is increasingly successful,” Seno said. (naristadevi)