Charity program, FKP Seedlings 300 Mangrove Jarring

Charity program, FKP Seedlings 300 Mangrove Jarring

Sunday, (23/10) Marine and fisheries Faculty Udayana University carry out charity program. This is a series of soail service of the 5th anniversary of the Faculty of marine and fisheries. Placed in the Park Mertesari Beach pekraman Intaran village, Sanur Kauh. Themed, with a hand in hand, I give the sea to the future of this charity program, followed by a large family of FKP, both from new students as well as from the old students.

In addition the aims is to maintain the cleanliness of the beach, this charity Program Activity bemagsud to apply learning on campus directly in the field. In addition, the students so that more community wishes FKP knows the important role trees against the mangrove ecosystem in the sea.

The Chairman of the Committee for this charity program of the Faculty of marine and fisheries, Oka Saduarsa, said that the themes raised by hand in hand, I give the sea for the future means that we join hands together to keep the seas, so that the sea can still be enjoyed until the future that is coming.

In this occasion also delivery and planting of mangrove seedlings to 300 Prebekel Kauh village of Sanur. By replacing the former mangrove plant is dead. As well as monitoring will be performed against the mangrove seedlings have been planted so that growth is assured.

Hut FKP 5th, is already taking place from 1st January 2016 okteber. Various activities have been conducted, such as filial piety, charity, national seminar, race LKTI for SMA/SMK in Bali, and its peak on October 29, 2016 at the City Park Lumintang Denpasar.(arisugama)