Veterinary Students’ Organization Conducted Veterinary Dog Festival

One of the fashion show contestants on mini Pomeranian category was performing at the event

Denpasar – Veterinary students’ organization conducted veterinary dog festival on Monday, Oct 22nd 2016. It was conducted at parking area of Medicine Faculty Udayana University on P.B Sudirman Street, Denpasar.Some agendas of the festival were: fashion show for pet dogs which was divided in some categories based on its races, the most gluttonous eating competition, and healthy contest for pet dogs (for all dog races).

Some booths at the festival

Committee of the event provided an area for booths. The booths sold many daily needs for dogs; to make them stay healthy and clean. In addition, the committee provided a booth for new members of dog lovers to join a dog lovers club as well. This is the fifth times of Veterinary Dog Festival being held by the students’ organization. This festival was done in two days; October 22 and 23. (ayuniantari)