Practical Work of MSP Students at the Institute of Fisheries Education and Training (BPPP) Banyuwangi and Bangsring Underwater

Practical work done by MSP students of Udayana Unviersity is held in both the governmental and non-governmental sectors. There are four MSP students who conduct practical work in Banyuwangi; two people at BPPP, they are Krisna and Hendy and two people in Bangsring Underwater, they are Yuli and Wahyu. The theme of practical work at BPPP is “Techniques of Cultivating Sidat Fish and Technopark to Cultivate Sidat Fish” lead by Mr. Dian. He is a young instructor in the field of cultivation and very competent in cultivating sidat at BPPP Banyuwangi. Krisna and Hendy stated that the practical work at BPPP Banyuwangi is highly disciplined. It can proved by they have to greet and introduce themselves in entrance during seven days. It is because they have to know and get along with all employees there.

The techniques of cultivating sidat consist of cleaning the pool, giving woof, and measuring water quality. The students also are invited in training. Furthermore, they are invited to learn environments and the equipments at BPPP Banyuwangi such as shrimp farming pool, diving equipment, BST, fish processing equipment, etc.

Bangsring Underwater called BUNDER is one of the places to conserve shark and cultivate ornamental fish managed by Bangsring society as well as a place for recreation. The theme of this event in this area is "Shark Conservation, Ecotourism, and Ornamental Fish Cultivation". Yuli and Wahyu stated that they also join in touring activity, snorkeling, and guiding tourists during the practical work. Furthermore, they have got knowledge about cultivating ornamental fish and shark in 'Rumah Apung'.. (manik)