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     Based on the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, number: 0199 / O / 1995, dated November 18, 1985, on the Organization and Work Procedure (OTK) Udayana University, Administrative Bureau of Planning and Information System is one of the Bureau of 4 (four) Bureau there are at Udayana University and in the execution of duties and functions (duties) is responsible to the Rector in coordination and under the Vice Rector of Academic and Planning (PR I) and Vice Rector of Cooperation and Information Systems (PR IV).

     Administrative Bureau of Planning and Information Systems headed by a bureau chief, and consists of two (2) portions, namely Planning and Administration Section Information Systems Section, and each is headed by the Head of Department.

   Planning Section consists of two (2) Sub-Section that Sub Section Sub-Section Academic Planning and Physical Planning, which each led by a Head of Section. Each Head Subagian mentioned above has two (2) Executive staff person.

    Information Systems consists of two (2) Sub-Section that Sub Section Sub-Section Data and Information Service, each of which is led by the Head of Section. Data Subagian head in charge of 3 (three) executive staff. Medium Head Waiter Information Subagian charge of 2 (two) executive staff. For more details BAPSI positions in Udayana University Organizational Structure.


Jabatan : BPKU Chief

NIP : 196012311980031013

Nama Pejabat : I WAYAN ANTARA, SE., MM

Periode Awal : 2017-01-10

Periode Akhir : 0000-00-00

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Faculty Name : Bureau of Planning and Finance
Address : Gedung Rektorat Kampus Bukit Jimbaran
Telephone : 0361 - 701954/0361 - 704845
Email : info@unud.ac.id
Website : bapsi.unud.ac.id