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The history of the establishment of the Study Program: Old Java Literature Study Program was originally called the Department of Language and Literature of Old Javanese established on September 29 1958 in conjunction with the opening of the Faculty of Letters of Udayana was part of the University of Airlangga. Since the establishment of the University of Udayana on the date of August 17, 1962 and in 1963 the Department of Language and Literature of Old Javanese was officially under Udayan University Faculty of Letters; now the Faculty of Literature and Humanities University of Udayana. In 1985, the Department of Language and Literature of Old Javanese became the Study Program of Old Javanese under Department of Local Literature with Language Study Program and Study Program of Language and Literature of Bali. In 2010 stood alone under the name of the Old Javanese Literary Study Program.

Study Program (PS):  Old Javanese Literature

Date of Establishment Certificate of Study Program:  August 17 1962

Certificate Number of Study Program Establishment (*):  104 year 1962

Certificate of Study Program Establishment:  9454/D/T/K-N/2011

Certificate Date of Establishment: November 04 2011

Certificate of Accredication:  429/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XI/2014

Last Accredication Grade:  B

Accredication Validity Date: November 02 2014 until November 01 2019

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Vision Mission of Ancient Javanese Literature

Vision Mission 


Vision of Old Javanese Literature Study Program of Literature and Humanity Faculty of Udayana University is “Realizing Old Javanese Literature Study Program which is competent, independent and cultured”


  1. Establishing education of Language and Literature of Old Javanese that has character and professional
  2. Conducting research and community service in the field of Old Javanese language and literature in accordance with the needs of the community and nation building.
  3. Establishing and fostering cooperation with various government and private institutions locally, nationally, and internationally


Jabatan : Kepala Jurusan/Program Studi

NIP : 19571231 198503 1

Nama Pejabat : Drs. Anak Agung Gede Bawa, M. Hum

Periode Awal : 0000-00-00

Periode Akhir : 0000-00-00

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Faculty Name : Ancient Javanese Literature
Address : Jalan Pulau Nias No 13 Denpasar
Telephone : 0361 - 2224121
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