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Program Studi Antropologi Budaya berada di bawah Fakultas Sastra dan Budaya Universitas Udayana


Vision and Mission Cultural Anthropology


Realizing Anthropology Study Program which a excellent, independent, and cultured scientific institution with insights, integrity, and character which rest on local, national, and global cultures.


  1. Performing education, researches, and community services which prioritize development and application of scientific concepts, theories, and methodologies which are objective and relevant to the demands of scientific and technological demands and changes in society which is expected to be realized in the next 5 (five) years.
  2. Creating students with strong characters to be citizens with academic skills and professionalism which are rooted on the cultural values of Indonesia.
  3. Preparing anthropologists with competitive and comparative advantages.
  4. Cooperating with academic institutions and all stakeholders domestically and internationally to answer challenges in the society, which will be realized in short, medium, and long term plans.



Jabatan : Kepala Jurusan/Program Studi

NIP : 19581231 198601 1

Nama Pejabat : Drs. I Nyoman Suarsana, M.Si

Periode Awal : 0000-00-00

Periode Akhir : 0000-00-00

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Jabatan : Sekretaris Jurusan/Program Studi

NIP : 195711111986012002

Nama Pejabat : Dra. A. A. Ayu Murniasih, M.Si

Periode Awal : 0000-00-00

Periode Akhir : 0000-00-00

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Faculty Name : Cultural Anthropology
Address : Jln. Nias No. 13 Sanglah Denpasar 80114 Bali
Telephone : 0361 - 257492
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