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In the academic year of 2010/2011, Faculty of Social Studies, Udayana University opened State Administration Study Program. The addition of this study program is based on the Decree of Minister of National Education of Republic of Indonesia, Number: 63/ D/ O/ 2010, dated June 2, 2010 on the Incorporation License of State Administration Study Program. The State Administration study program has been accredited with the Grade B, by the virtue of Decree: 204/ SK/ BAN-PT/ Akred/ S/ VII/ 2014. The accreditation of study program of State Administration will remain valid until 07-11-2019.

Vision Mission State Administration

Vision :

To realize the State Administration study program capable of creating excellent, independent, cultured, dynamic, critical and innovative graduates in the field of administration, policy and public services in Indonesia in 2020 and in Southeast Asia by 2025. Furthermore, this vision will be directed at specific superior areas, possessed by Bali Province, i.e. the tourism and the local wisdom rooted in the tradition. Meanwhile, the adjustment of this vision will be sharpened in the curriculum workshop in 2014.

Mission :

  1. Organizing education, research, and services to the community in the field of administration, policy and public services.
  2. Educating independent, proficient, and sensible State Administration students towards policy, corporate governance and public services.
  3. Promoting quality improvement of state administration learning and professional teaching staffs, especially those leading to the competency of policy, administrative and public services skills.
  4. Contributing to the development of administrative science, especially in the contemporary context, i.e. in the field of development of Three Pillars of the University having contributions to the development of society.
  5. Creating the State Administration Study Program as a laboratory for administration, policy, and public services committed to the development of sciences and social technology.

Faculty Name : State Administration
Address : Jalan PB Sudirman, Denpasar - Bali
Telephone : 0361-255916
Email : atau
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