Viewpoint of Silent Day in Modern Era

Dr. Drs. I Wayan Surpa, SH., M.Si as Lecturer in Religious Education Unud (in the right side) and I Ketut Ariana Eriadi as the Board of Research and Development of Student Fraternity Forum of Hindu Dharma in 2016 period (in the left side)

Sudirman-Denpasar. On the sidelines of his busy life, we met Dr. Drs. I Wayan Surpa, SH., M.Si as Lecturer in Religious Education Unud on a Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Interviews were conducted relaxing at Campus Unud Sudirman. This topic discusses the Silent day or Nyepi, whether many shifts on Nyepi. It is discusses the meaning and message of Nyepi day for the younger generation.

According to him, Nyepi ceremony is the Hindu relating to changes in Caka year. The first series of this ceremony is Melasti, and continued by Pengerupukan, Penyepian and last Ngembak Geni. Melasti means cleanup the activities of Bhuana Court (everything related to God) and Bhuana Alit (human beings). After completion of a series of Melasti, held the next day is pengerupukan or pecaruan activities. It is carried out in mass banjo and performed individually in each family which aims to purge achieve harmony.

“It currently seen different the emergence of the Nyepi implementation in the past, It can be seen from melasti activity, in the past all participating families accompany Ida Bhatara to the water source. But this time I did not  see anything like that because of each busy. People think if there are one the family member came that does not matter if the other member did not come. Actually it was one of the wrong thinking, because melasti goal is begging grace and self-cleaning. If seen at pengerupukan day, mostly from young children drink-liquor to make they strong of parading ogoh-ogoh, but it is wrong. Ogoh-ogoh is a cultural manifestation that there should be no deviation , "he said.

Judging from the real meaning of Nyepi is to establish a sense harmony of Bhuana Agung and Bhuana Alit. Then unite the families member because of their busyness of everyday life, now gathered to celebrate Nyepi accordance with Catur Brata Penyepian. Where is Catur Brata Penyepian that is not light a fire or lighting, no work, no fun. and not traveling.

Dr. Drs. I Wayan Surpa, SH., M.Si advised that he is impressed by young people today who have participated provide stabilization and stability in welcoming Nyepi related to improving and Bhakti Sradha specialized in the field of culture, ie making ogoh-ogoh. Suggestions submitted by him, in the future we return to order, ways and rules that apply so there is no deviation.

It it contrast with the opinion of the Faculty of Humanities student, Department of Literature of Ancient Javanese that is I Ketut Eriadi Ariana. He said that the implementation of Nyepi is basically still same like before, but due to the rapid information and communication make Nyepi seem like a typical day for communication (especially internet and social media) go ahead and mobile phone still can not silent during ceremony of Nyepi day. Research and Development Council of Hindu Dharma Forum student in the 2016 period also says there is a shift occurring for Nyepi day, especially of accompanying Nyepi. Suppose the ogoh-ogoh tends to be a profane art and only for entertainment purposes. In the past ogoh-ogoh are used of visualization or symbolic bhutakala, sacred and paraded around the village. After the burned mark procession means the virtualized of bhutakala neutralizing in ogoh-ogoh. Nowdays ogoh-ogoh left on display for years. It is symbolically not in accordance with the original concept. According to Eriadi who now serves as secretary general at the Indonesian Hindu Youth Association Regional Badung, Nyepi has meaning the world returns to zero. After a year days that followed, during Nyepi we back again to the beginning (the beginning of the year and New Year). Tilem Kesanga is considered very dark, negative force when it accumulates. It also occurs in the human mind, if people not aware of the identity, that negative energy will control his mind, so that being born is the behavior that tends to be negative. At that time the ancestors made the concept to neutralize the negative forces under the symbol "ngupahin" bhutakala through tawur Kesanga  which is expected that negative trait eventually will be positive.

Nowdays there are many people held Nyepi just limited to improvise. Their meaning is still minimal in mind that during Nyepi many people who do not carry out of Catur Brata Penyepian. Youth generation should play a role and set an example for the younger generation and provide insight on the older generation.(arisugama)