Undergraduate Animal Husbandry Study Program Students, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Udayana University Create

Undergraduate Animal Husbandry Study Program students including I GEDE ADIT PUSPA DANTAYASA, RISKA AMELIYA and MAS RIAN HADIDI, class of 2020 semester 5, have succeeded in creating the product "ESSPRAY" Herbal Medicine for Cattle Scabies in the Student Entrepreneurial Development Program (P2MW). Esspray is a liquid made from Chinese ketepeng leaf extract, clove oil, 70% alcohol and PEG 40 HCO which is packaged in a 100 ml spray bottle. This product can help the community, especially breeders and other animal lovers such as dogs and cats, in overcoming and preventing skin disorders such as scabies, irritation, fungus, itching, fleas, and infections.

The manufacturing process of this product includes:

1) Preparation of Chinese ketepeng leaf water extract

-Prepare fresh Chinese ketepeng leaves and wash them thoroughly then cut them into small pieces.

- Dry the Chinese ketepeng leaves until dry.

-After drying, boil Chinese ketepeng leaves using water until the first boiling water and turn off the stove.

-Let the boiled ketepeng leaves cool until cold.

-After cold, strain the boiled ketepeng leaves using a flannel cloth, and store in a bottle.

2) Manufacture of clove oil

-Prepare cloves that have been dried before.

-Prepare about 2 tablespoons (about 30 grams) of whole cloves. Put the cloves in the mortar, then crush them with a mortar and pestle.

-After smooth transfer the cloves to a small dark glass jar. Choose a jar that can hold at least 60-120 ml of liquid. Jars with dark glass prevent light from damaging the oil.

-Coat the crushed cloves with carrier oil. Pour the coconut oil into the cloves until they are submerged in the oil (no need to pour too much oil). Shake the jar to make sure the cloves are coated and submerged in the carrier oil.

-Put the lid on the jar tightly so the oil doesn't spill. Shake the jar with oil and cloves carefully to make sure the cloves are thoroughly coated with oil. This procedure also helps to spread and mix the clove essence with the rest of the oil.

-Let the jar sit for about a week.

-After 1 week, strain the cloves from the oil and attach a cheese filter cloth to the mouth of the jar and hold it using a rubber band.

-Clove oil is ready to use.

3 ) The process of combining materials, and packaging.

-Do the mixing of clove oil, 70% alcohol, and PEG 40 HCO, and stir for 5 minutes until homogeneous.

-After 5 minutes add the Chinese ketepeng leaf water extract and stir until homogeneous.

-After homogeneous, put the esspray liquid into the spray bottle and label it and cover it with protective plastic using heating media so that it sticks

- Check again to ensure hygiene and product safety so that the product is ready for market.

-This product is used by spraying the product all over the body of an animal that has been infected with a skin disease (dermatitis) evenly and can be repeated once a week until it recovers.

The advantages of this product are:

1. Using herbal ingredients such as Chinese ketepeng leaves so that they can become a container for the cultivation of Chinese ketepeng leaves, which are starting to become scarce.

2. Product application is practical and fast.

3. There is an additional seal on the packaging lid so it doesn't leak easily

4. Already have a business license

5. It is easy to reach because it is available in online stores such as Shopee and Tokopedia.