Planting Trees and Cleaning the Campus Environment in Celebration of the 54th Civil Familiarity Day

In order to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program at Udayana University, the Civil Engineering Student Association held a tree planting and environmental cleaning around the campus with the lecturers and accompanied by the Civil Engineering Koprodi Ir. Ida Ayu Made Budiwati, MSc.,PhD which was held at the Bukit Jimbaran Civil Campus, Badung on Sunday, October 16, 2022, also opened the afternoon event. This event is the initial activity of the whole series in welcoming the anniversary of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program on December 1, 2022.

Let's recall the pandemic situation two years ago, in a pandemic situation at that time, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program in celebrating its anniversary was carried out online, attended by the entire Udayana civitas and Civil Engineering students. However, this year, let's be grateful with His grace that we can again hold offline activities in welcoming the anniversary of our beloved Udayana University Undergraduate Civil Engineering Study Program. In the afternoon event, the entire Civil Engineering community was feeling familiarity and filled with jokes that made the afternoon feel beautiful and now happiness is being felt again after post-Covid struck two years ago. All series of service events have been prepared by the Civil Student Association together with other lecturers. May all activities be given smoothness and health of course.