Mapping the Kayangan Dalem Temple in Buahan Traditional Village, Tabanan-Bali

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University held a community service related to the Measurement or Mapping of the Kayangan Dalem Temple at the Buahan Traditional Village, Tabanan-Bali. This activity was carried out through a request from the local community for assistance in solving a problem related to the structure and condition of the soil at Kayangan Dalem Temple, Tabanan. This activity involved lecturers, students and education staff, and was accompanied by the Civil Engineering Koprodi Ir. Ida Ayu Made Budiwati, MSc., PhD and was attended by local village officials.


Demographically, Buahan Village, Tabanan District, Tabanan Regency is a sloping area with an altitude of ±10 to 15 meters above sea level. That day, the weather around the local area was sunny and warm, so the activities ran smoothly as expected. Before carrying out the activity, Jro Mangku as the leader of the prayer arranged or placed a banten as a permit so that the service activities at the temple ran smoothly. After that, the Village Head expressed his deep gratitude for the assistance from the Faculty of Engineering Lecturer Team who had the opportunity to attend and SQA helped respond to problems in the field. This service activity is in the form of research on the slope of the bentar temple in heaven in the traditional fruit village.



After performing the prayers, the team went down to the field by bringing the necessary equipment such as tools related to the sondir test. Sondir testing aims to determine the depth of the supporting layer, namely the hard soil layer. This is intended so that in designing the foundation that will be used as a support for the column of the building above it has a high safety factor so that the building above it remains strong and does not experience a settlement or settlement that can endanger the safety of the building and the occupants in it. Therefore, the first activity carried out was sondir test. Furthermore, foundation and settlement analysis will be carried out and recommendations for the installation of drill pile foundations and soil improvement will be issued. It is hoped that the service activities that have been carried out will be given smoothness until this work is completed. Hopefully this service activity can be useful and can be used by the local community.