Visit of the Independent Internship Committee of the Faculty of Agriculture to the Garden Cafe, Sekar Anugrah, Penglipuran, Bangli

In order to explore the place for an independent internship at the Faculty of Agriculture which will be held in mid-September, the internship committee team visited an internship place in Bali, one of which is Cafe Kebun located in Penglipuran village, Bangli. This visit was represented by Ir. Ni Luh Pradnyawati, M.P and Dr, Trisna Agung Phabiola, S.P., M.Si always have an independent internship committee to check the internship location and the ability of this internship place to accommodate how many students, Friday 26 August 2022.

This garden cafe was opened approximately 6 months ago, which was founded by Wayan Sukur and Ferdi. The owner is very happy with the visit from the Faculty of Agriculture and is even willing to accept this independent student internship of about 20 to 30 students. It is hoped that with this internship program, students will have special skills and are ready to become entrepreneurs.

In the beginning, this Kebun Cafe was a special nursery for annual (short-lived) flower plants needed by hotels and plant decorations. But seeing the very large area of ??approximately 60 acres, its function was finally added as an indoor and outdoor café to complement the facilities there, and given the name Cafe Kebun because of its position in the middle of a Bamboo garden in Penglipuran village, Bangli.

Every day, Cafe Kebun sends flower plants to plant entrepreneurs in Bali according to consumer demand. There are various types of plants and seedlings are immediately carried out there. The atmosphere of this cafe becomes more shady and beautiful with various types of flower plants. Moreover, this cafe has an interior design in the form of an industrial style, thus adding to the impression of being instagrammable.