The East Java UPN Veterans International Relations Student Association carried out one of the work programs on July 1, 2022, namely the HI Visit. This activity was carried out through the Zoom Meeting platform. The event started with the two groups introducing the divisions, followed by introductions between the work programs of each division. In addition, HI Visit activities are also interspersed with ice breaking so as to create an entertaining event, but still have the essence to exchange information and establish cooperation in the future.


During approximately two hours of the event, it was seen that the two International Relations Student Associations had differences in divisions, organizational structures, and a number of work programs. For example, each division at HIMAHI UPNVJ only consists of a chairman and members, while at HIMAHI UDAYANA there are additional representatives in all divisions. In terms of membership, UPN Veterans East Java has fewer children in the division than HIMAHI UDAYANA. With the sharing session per division, it is reflected that the two International Relations Student Associations have several advantages and disadvantages. HI Visit is here to provide a forum for discussion to exchange information and opinions so as to increase the effectiveness and productivity of HIMAHI.