The Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM-KM) of the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University held the Selection of Jegeg Bagus Fapet (JBF) UNUD 2022, at the AE Building Floor 1, Bukit Jimbaran Campus (Sunday, 26 June 2022). Implementation of offline activities by complying with health protocols. The event was opened by the Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs and Information represented by the Sub-Coordinator for Student Affairs I Made Dwi Novi Artawan, S.E. and attended by the jury, President of BEM PM Unud, Chair of BEM KM Fapet Unud, Chair of BEM KM Faculty in Unud, Jegeg Bagus Unud, Jegeg Bagus Faculty in Unud the finalists, committees and students in Fapet Unud.

This JBF selection activity aims to increase talent and develop an interest in creativity in the modeling world. In his remarks Mr. I Made Dwi Novi Artawan, S.E. expressed his appreciation for holding this activity and can be used as a provision for future experiences. "In the selection of JBF students, we believe that younger students will gain knowledge, develop their own talents, which are in harmony with other fields of science, students are expected to be able to improve an academic climate that is creative, innovative, and independent. This means, a provision for the younger students to become alumni later,” said Dwi Novi.

This year's JBF event presents the jury, namely Dr. Ni Luh Gde Sumardani, S.Pt, M.Si, (Lecturer of Faculty of Animal Science Udayana University), Apni Tristia Umiarti, S.Pt., M.Sc. (Fapet Unud Lecturer), Ni Made Gita Kusuma Yanti (Runner Up Jegeg Bali), and I Dewa Putu Prana Angira (Runner Up Bagus Tabanan 2018). Previously, a series of judging was carried out, namely: Phase I on Monday (20 June 2022) carried out Essay and Presentation Tests, then continued in Phase II on Tuesday (21 June 2022) Interest and aptitude tests were carried out, and Phase III on Sunday (26 June 2022) was held grand finals.

There were 5 pairs of finalists who took part in the JBF election, namely: Pair number 01-Putu Jossy Arya Kusuma-Ni Luh Ika Wahyu Putri; Pair number 02 -I Kadek Dwi Aryadinata-Efsa Reminiscere Sitohang ; Pair number 03 -I Made Mela Antara -Ni Made Widyantari; Pair number 04-Ahmad Adi Suryono-Indri yani br dance; Pair number 05-I Made Bagus Mas Siwantara-Gusti Ayu Dita Dwi Utari. At the end of the judging, the winners of Jegeg Bagus Fapet 2022 were: JEGEG FAPET UNUD 2022: Ni Made Widyantari >BAGUS FAPET UNUD 2022: I Kadek Dwi Aryadinata. For R. UP I JEGEG FAPET UNUD 2022 : Efsa Reminiscere Sitohang, R. UP I GOOD FAPET UNUD 2022 : Ahmad Adi Suryono. >R. UP II JEGEG FAPET UNUD 2022 : Indri yani br tarigan>R. UP II GOOD FAPET UNUD 2022 : I Made Mela Antara. > JEGEG INTELLEGENT FAPET UNUD 2022 : Indri yani br tarigan. >GOOD INTELLEGENT FAPET UNUD 2022 : Ahmad Adi Suryono. >JEGEG TALENTED FAPET UNUD 2022 : Ni Made Widyantari >WELL TALENTED FAPET UNUD 2022 : Putu Jossy Arya Kusuma.