By : Dr.I Putu Eka Dharma Putra

Email : vios333va@gmail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Thrombosis are the main complication and had been secondary cause of death in malignancy patient. Epidemiological study shows that thrombosis can occure in 6 – 8 % in every type of malignancies. Inciden of thrombosis in hematological malignancies about 18 % almostly similar with solid tumor for example carcinoma pancreas, ovarium and glioblastoma. The purpose of this study is to determine differentiation D dimer level between patient hematologic malignancies and patient without malignancies, and also between before and after receiving chemotherapy therapy. This study is observational study with cross sectional design, by determine level of D dimer serum in hematological malignancy patient. Consideration of this design are the level of D Dimer and type of patient are done in the same time. Then the data will be analyzed how about the relation between the variables. The sample were patient hematologic malignancies between May 2016 until Desember 2016, that choosed by consecutive sampling. Out of 60 sample concluded the mean age was 45,7 ± 12,3 years, with the youngest was 21 year and the oldest was 61 year. The sampel consist of 30 hematologic malignancies patient and 30 patient without malignancy that conducted in may 2016 until Desember 2016. Sample also consist of 30 male patient (50 %) and 30 Female patient (50 %). Median of level D Dimer in hematologic malignancies group are 1,85 ug/ml with interquartile 1,14 higher than patient without malignancy group are 0,57 ug/ml with interquartile 0,5. Mann whitney test showed that p < 0.001 that indicate there were significant differentiation between that’s group. T Test independent Showed that comparation between group patient with hematological malignancies before and after chemotherapy with p = 0,004 that indicated there were significant differentiation between that’s group. Mean of D Dimer level between group that after receive chemotherapy were 2,62 ug/ml with standar deviation 1,58 higher than goup before chemotherapy were 1,21 ug/ml with standar deviation 0,48. Analizys showed that there were Hypercoagubility status in hematology malignanciy, where this patient also have risk of thrombosis event. Prevention of thrombosis are suggested in hematological malignancy to increasing the quality oh their live

Keyword : D Dimer, hematology malignancy, thrombosis

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