By : I Dewa Ayu Widiani

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. OBGYN

ABSTRACT ASTAXANTHIN LOWERS DELAPAN-HIDROKSI-’DEOKSIGUANOSIN (8-OHdG) CONCENTRATION AND IMPROVES CLINICAL CONDITIONS IN PATIENTS WITH MILD PREECLAMPSIA Preeclampsia is one of pregnancy complications that may result in maternal and neonatal death worldwide and also in Indonesia. At the moment, no satisfactory medication is available in preventing the progress of preeclampsia. Many theories have been proposed in explaining the etiology and pathophysiology of preeclampsia, one of them is the theory of free radical and oxidative stress. Delapan-Hidroksi-’Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) is one of the oxidative marker found in increased amount in preeclampsia. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant which has many benefits compared to other antioxidants which hopefully can be used to prevent and treat preeclampsia. The research objective was aimed to prove that astaxanthin can lower malondialdehyde concentration and improve clinical conditions of patients with mild preeclampsia. The research method was an experimental study with Pretest Posttest Control Group Design, carried out in Obstetrics and Gynecology Policlinic of Sanglah General Hospital starting from January until May 2016. Sample amount was 26, 13 as case and 13 as control group. Data analysis was done by SPSS for windows version 17.0; t-independent test was used to know the effect of astaxanthin on the concentration of Delapan-Hidroksi-’Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) and Chi-Square test was used to know the clinical conditions such as blood pressure and proteinuria. The result of t-independent test showed that no significant difference was found in the characteristic distribution between case and sample group. A significant difference was found (p<0.05) in Delapan-Hidroksi-’Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) concentration between case and control groups after the administration of astaxanthin. In Chi-square test, a significant difference of blood pressure and proteinuria was found between case and control group after administration of astaxanthin (p<0.05). The conclusion of this research was the administration of astaxanthin may lower Delapan-Hidroksi-’Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) concentration and improves clinical conditions of patients with mild preeclampsia compared to control group. Keywords: preeclampsia, Delapan-Hidroksi-’Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) astaxanthin.

Keyword : Keywords: preeclampsia, Delapan-Hidroksi-Deoksiguanosin(8-OHdG) astaxanthin.

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