The Implementation of Green Hotel Concept (case study in Melia Bali, Sol Beach House Benoa Bali, and Ayodya Resort Bali)



By : Kadek Santika Wijaya Pangestu

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : D4 Pariwisata

Management of the hotel was good tourism product in terms of the building and its operation should be directed to the development and management of hotel sustainable and environmentally friendly to reduce the impact of environmental damage from natural conditions today. 5 star hotel which is a classification of the biggest hotel of the hotel there is certainly spent a lot of energy, water, waste, waste, and building materials. One of the 5 star hotels that have a strong commitment in implementing green hotel is the Melia Bali Villas & Spa, Sol Beach House Benoa Bali and Ayodya Resort Bali. This study aims to determine the implementation and the perception of tourists to the concept of green hotel done by the 5 star hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali. The type of data in this study is qualitative and quantitative. The collection of data obtained through observation, interview, quetionnaire, documentation, and study of literature methode. Sampling technique using quota sampling and taking the sample using accidental sampling. Data analysis in this study is descriptive qualitative analysis and Likert Scale analysis. The results showed that the implementation of the concept of green hotelyang applied at Melia Bali, Sol Beach House, and the Ayodya Resort already diterpakan well, this is evidenced by observations conducted by researchers who refer to the guidebook green hotel award, has been implemented very well, for Melia Bali already implemented by 100%, Sol Beach House by 92%, and the Ayodya Resort is 85%. Based on the result of the perception of tourists using Likert Scale analysis, implementation of the concept of green hotel in Ayodya Resort Bali, Sol Beach House, and Melia Bali has done very well. With the overall result, Ayodya Resort 3.3, Sol Beach House 3.33, and 3.43 for the Melia Bali. Suggestions for management to perform a variety of activities that attract tourists to contribute to the preservation of the environment, for example, on a particular day invites tourists to get together to plant trees, but it also should be better management exercise control over the area of cigarette smoke.

Keyword : implementation, green hotel

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