Analysis Usage of Irrigation Water in Rice Cultivation with Red Rice Cropping Systems Legowo Nyisip (Case Studies in Subak Sigaran).



By : I Komang Adi Dipayana

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian

Department : S1 Teknik Pertanian

This researce was conducted to compare the usage of irrigation water to the cultivation red rice plants by using planting sytem of legowo nyisip and compare productivity on every action. This research was consist of five treatments, they were : K0 (the treatment which appropriated to local farmers custom), K1 (planting system of legowo 4:1), K2 (planting sytem of legowo 4:1 nyisip), K3 (planting sytem of legowo 6:1), K4 (planting system of legowo 6:1 nyisip). Parameters that observed in this research are: the requirement of irrigation water, the efficiency of irrigation water using ,the number of plants produce grains, the stalks length, the weight of rice in a clump, percentage pure rice , the percentage of rice based on its amount, the percentage of rice based on its weight , the weight of 1000 grains and the result rice plants production. The research results show significant differences with cultivation technique between the treatments is no influence to the requirement of irrigation water and efficiency relative in every treatments. To productivity KO produced 5.4 ton/ha, K1 produced 7.8 ton/ha, K2 produced 7:2 ton/ha, K3 produced 7:7 ton/ha, and K4 produced 6:5 ton/ha.

Keyword : legowo , nyisip , productivity

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