Optimization Of The Cut Flower Business Diversification Plan.



By : Ni Putu Darmayanti

Email : putudarmayanti@gmail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian

Department : S1 Teknik Pertanian

The aims of this research are know the profit of the each of cutting flower determine the type of cutting flower which can be produced to gain the profit in deversivication of flower business development. Analysis results show that price of the principal stalks to flowers pieces. Bananas Red Heliconia carabaea,bananas Yellow heliconia carabaea, Anthurium, bananas Yellow dancer, bananas Hanging chalk, bananas Sexy pink, bananas Parakeet, bananas Torch, bananas Onjerespectively Rp 498, Rp 456, Rp 316, Rp 503, Rp 578, Rp 583, 458, Rp 496, Rp 523are with the profit advantage stalks to each of the kind of flowers pieces respectivelyRp 1.408, Rp 1.484, Rp 58, Rp 1.000, Rp 1.134, Rp 1.163, Rp 823, Rp 657, Rp 429.Based on calculations using the simplex method with the profit margin of each flower as the objective function and production cost and market condition as the limitation fanction, the obtained optimal gains for each flower that can be cultivated by the business development is as follow bananas Red Heliconia carabaea: Rp33.114.331, bananas Yellow heliconia carabaea: Rp 30.386.354, bananas Sexy pink: Rp18.937.006 and bananas Hanging chalk: Rp 17,406,16.

Keyword : margin profit, simplex method,variable indirect costs, Heliconia

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