Production Of Short Chain Fatty Acid of Suplemented Medium by Shoot of Tabah Bamboo Flour (Gigantochloa nigrociliata Buse-Kurz) By Gastrointestinal Bacteria



By : Putu Agus Nadiarta

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian

Department : S1 Teknologi Industri Pertanian

Shoots of tabah bamboo (Gigantochloa nigrociliata Buse-Kurz) are known containing oligosaccharides as a prebiotic. In recent study the fecal bacteria was experimented in fermentation of medium supplemented by bamboo shoot powder (TrYP). The aim of this study was to determined the growth of fecal bacteria (lactic acid bacteria and fecal coliform) during process of fermentation. The study also determined the short chain fatty acid (SCFA), which produced during of fermentation. Fermentation was carried out at 37?C in medium of TRYP and GYP as a control medium. The observation was done from initial of fermentation (0 hour) up to 24 hours in time interval of 6 hours. The result were acetic acid and butyric acid produced after 6 hours (1.72% and 1.91%) in TrYP medium fermented by gastrointestinal bacteria. On the other hand, lactic acid and propionic acid were produced maximumly after 12 hours fermentation (1.28% and 1.60%).

Keyword : Gigantochloa nigrociliata, bamboo shoot flour, fermentation, short chain fatty acid, lactic acid bacteria, fecal bacteria

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