Effect of Ratio of Glutinous Rice Flour With Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) On the Characteristics Of Klepon.



By : I Kadek Dede Pranata

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian

Department : S1 Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan

The aims of this research to determine the effect of ratio of glutinous rice flour with pumpkin on klepon characteristics and to find the right ratio between the amount of glutinous rice flour and pumpkin to produce klepon with the best characteristics. The research used complete random design, with the comparison between the treatment of glutinous rice flour and pumpkin are as follows: (100: 0, 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, 50:50). treatment was repeated three times to producing 18 units of the experiment . Data were analyzed by analysis of variance and if there is an influence on the treatment, then continued by Duncan Multiple Range Test ( DMRT) The results show comparisons glutinous rice flour with pumpkin significance effects on the, content protein, fat, ?-carotene, color, aroma, flavor, texture (test score and hedonic test),experiment and the entrie acceptance. klepon with the best results and unacceptable that glutinous rice flour ratio of 60%: 40% pumpkin. with the criteria of the water content of 49.82%, ash content of 0.40% protein content 6.08% fat content 8.20% carbohydrate content of 35.47% ?-carotene 0.1608%, and result of sensory test color hedonic, usual, aroma, rather like, texture hedonic usual, the texture score usual, taste, usual the whole acceptance, rather like

Keyword : klepon,pumpkin rice flour

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